Looking for a "Do It All!" IT Solution for your growing business?

OK, there's no such thing as a "Do it all" solution for any business. The fact is, theres a lot of very expensive licensed commercial software to help you with most of your day to day IT tasks, but you probably only use a handfull of the features built into the various software suites.
The solution? Tailor your infastructure to your actual needs!

And thats where we come in. The truth is, it doesn't take £30,000 a year to hire your own IT administrator, and £15,000 on server's unless you expect to have a large workforce. For a growing business it's a much more cost effective aproach to use open source technologies for both their web site and business management needs.

Some examples of this could be:

We could go on for ever, but to get a better understanding of your
options, why not check out some of our previous solutions for other small businesses.